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Whatever the reason you're looking at remodeling your kitchen today, we have a team of kitchen remodelers with expertise in all areas of the kitchen. From flooring to granite countertops or baclksplash and cabinetry, our professionals can do it all.

Whether you're looking for a classic or contemporary bath area, our designing installers have the vision and expertise to delight you - we've been doing it for over 20 years! We can build the bathroom of your dreams to fit your budget requirements.

We specialize in basement finishing, and we'll customize your unfinished basement into a spectacular, inviting and comfortable part of the house. We're skilled in treating area that are warm, functional and luxurious - we'll transform your basement into your favor area of the house !

Building a new home,planning a major renovation, or designing an addition is one of the single largest investments a family will ever make. Choosing the right builder or remodeler for the job is critical for the success of the project

Each and everyone of our arches, fireplace mantels or kitchen hoods reproductions are born from an original antique. A labor intensive process is put in by skilled mold makers to deliver a product that is a beautiful thumbprint from the original.

We offer a well thought-out home deck, pergola and gazebo design that should be viewed as a wise investment and not as an added expense. You've seen a deck or patio design on line, you liked it and you want someone to build it? Look no further.

An new construction for a suburban home takes on many shapes and different purposes. each house is built with a certain need to fulfill at the time of construction.Hiring us to build your house means peace of mind for many years to come.

This classic master bathroom was finished with pink marble from Portugal put up on the walls using no design, just connecting the drawings and“veins” of the marble making it look almost like wallpaper.Marble can give an elegant and fancy look to just about any bathroom.

Allow us to select the right color of your hardwood floor.There's something special about a room where your hardwood floor matches and blends in with the rest of the finished room, furniture or even the wall paintings.We offer free design ideas.

Hello, home owners of Georgia !

Nobles Restorations is a former home builder and new construction company who is now serving all Fulton and Gwinnett counties, providing remodeling and restoration services for all your home improvements and renovations needs.

Our services include but not limited to, basement finishing, bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovating, all type of home improvement; framing, carpentry, load bearing walls, deck and pergola building, installation of all sorts of flooring types from marble, slate, travertine and tile to all types of exotic hardwood. Our roofing crew can handle all roofing or siding projects.

Construction Services


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Waterproofing Tile and Concrete Destructive Testing
Sub grade Waterproofing Windows and Doors Maintenance and Repair
Water Testing Roofing Design
Construction Company New Home Construction Decks
SurfacingSurflex Remodeling

Nobles Restorations stoneworks combines cutting edge design and exceptional craftsmanship with the highest quality materials to provide superior products and services. We are master instalers and fabricators of stone mantels, stone arches, stone range hoods, cultured stone, stacked stone, flag stone. We build the most beautiful retaining walls and integrate it into your landscape.

Serving all of the Alpharetta, Suwanee and Duluth area, our efforts will enable you to beautify and increase the value of your home or property with custom designs and services that suit your specific needs, and a personal touch that corporate chains cannot offer, you will find no better solution than Nobles Restorations.

At Nobles Restorations the focus of our professional energies is strictly limited to you - the client. You are the #1 priority. Our workmanship is focused on correctness and detail, which is why we deliver a 5-year written workmanship warranty on all of our work.

Our goal is to help you explore new design and remodeling ideas and then give you a finished product of which you'll be proud for years to come. We hope you'll give us a try – it won’t cost you anything. We guarantee an appointment within 48 hours and a free written estimate within 24 hours following the appointment.